Ad Sense Earning Tips

Ad Sense also known as Google Ad Sense is a service provided by Google. It was designed mainly for publishers on the web who happened to like displaying certain images, video clips, or text in the form of advertisement that would grab the attention of the individuals viewing the web site, making them click on the advertisement displayed giving the publisher the opportunity to earn quick money. The more visitors that click on the advertisement or simply just view it, the more money the publisher can earn.

The Google Ad Sense is said to be very effective and efficient to use. It is also easy to maintain in four simple and basic steps. First, the individual must choose the Ad he or she would like to display on the web site. Next, the Ad publisher should decide and select where the Ad needs to be appeared. The third step is all about having advertisers bid on your Ad space and once that is all done and the Ads with the highest pay go live, Google will handle payments and keep track of the viewers and pay you once you have reached the minimum amount.

When it comes to earning money, people have always been known to find various short cuts that would be easy to maintain as well as bring out effective results. For those of who are interested in increasing the revenue received through Google Ad Sense, listed below are a variety of simple and easy ways one could earn more.

The first way would be to identify the perfect places to place your Ads in that would make the visitor more eager to click on and view the displayed Ads. It is important to keep in mind that Ads that are placed around the published content or Ads that are placed above the fold tend to have more eye grabs than Ads that are placed anywhere else. A key point to keep in mind is that, Ads above the folds tend to create a better performance and have a better reaction than the Ads below the fold.

Ad sizes make a huge impact. Think to oneself, If you are to view the site would your eyes cringe and reach out to the smaller looking Ads or to the one’s that could be easily seen.

Another method to bring in more visitors that would bring in more money to one’s bank account would be to set up Google Ad Sense for Search. Google Ad Sense provides the user or publisher with many Ad types and it is necessary to experiment and make use of all types to help identify which ones create more visitors and which kind of Ads could be avoided.

It is also necessary to make the Ads displayed relevant to the article or content of the website. Supposedly the content is of electronics and the Ad is about books, the reader will not be interested in viewing it as there is no connection between both.


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