Top 10 Proven Adsense Earning Tips

Increase your AdSense revenue with the 10 proven AdSense earning tips!

Are you looking for the tips to increase your revenue by making use of AdSense? Here are the proven tips on how to increase earning from AdSense. Increase your revenue with these advanced and simple AdSense earning tips.


Try to put the AdSense ads above the fold and around the content and with the design of site, blend the ads. Do not ignore the ads that are different from banner ads known as link based ads. Headernavbar is the perfect place for these ads. Size matters a lot in the world of AdSense.

Some of the best working sizes of AdSense are:

  • Large rectangle: 336*280
  • 728*90
  • 300*250
  • 160*600

Organic traffic:

When from the search engines, traffic is there on your site then the performance of AdSense ads is best. Traffic sources and CPC plays a major role in the AdSense revenue. For getting high CPC, target countries like the U.K. and the U.S.A. for the traffic.

Add source of extra revenue:

To monetize your site, many ways are offered by AdSense and all types of ads must be taken advantage of. You also get help on user navigation by the AdSense for search.

Make more relevant ads:

The page content that includes footer and header are those on which is based the contextual network of ads known as AdSense. So make sure that with your article context, the ads via AdSense have high relevance.

Text or image ads:

The performance of image ads is better, this is the myth related with AdSense. The competition on your ads is decreased when an ad category or type is blocked. Therefore both types of ads must be used.

Ads in between posts:

The AdSense ads could be configured easily to match with the colors and background of your page if you want to increase the revenue from AdSense. In between the posts, add 468*60 text link ads or image ads.

Placement targeting:

Many bloggers are not implementing this idea. The option is there while creating a new channel to add further details about the types of ads and then by opting for placement targeting, the ad can also be put in the market for auction. The competition increases by this and on the site, the ad value also goes up.

Blacklist URL’s of AdSense:

Some advertisers are there having very poor performance who pay little per click. A site used to be there showing the black list of AdSense ad. If you have shortlisted poor performing sites then the URL of that advertiser could be blocked.

Blocking AdSense category:

The feature of category blocking in new AdSense interface is easy to use and the poor performing categories can be blocked quickly.

AdSense for YouTube:

With the use of publisher program of YouTube, your copyrighted videos can be monetized if videos are uploaded by you on YouTube.

These AdSense earning tips are really useful if you are also looking to increase the revenue with the Google AdSense. See what works best for you by testing various things.

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