Complete formula of AdSense: No need of tricks

Complete formula of AdSense: No need of tricks

Why is AdSense considered as the best program of income generation that has ever spawned?

There is no need of any type of service or product to promote. Only the webspace, your domain, traffic that is highly targeted and an account of AdSense is all that is required. The actual fact is that everything has to be learned and same is true with the success of AdSense.

Learn the craft of AdSense:

The skill of AdSense is also required just like the other skills of life to get success.It is important for you to learn the variables of AdSense and the formula of AdSense.

The variables of AdSense:

Content + TT (High CTR)= Earnings of AdSense

Content: there must be the content of at least a 1000 words and that must be rich in the key-phrases.

High CTR:the placement of AdSense also matters a lot and it must be highly optimized.

TT: traffic that is highly targeted.

The formula of AdSense is made up by these variables and these are your key to success. Since these elements of AdSense change constantly therefore they are referred to as variables and also they are totally in your control. You can get the AdSense income that grows really fast when each of the variable of AdSense is highly augmented. After having the knowledge about the variables of AdSense, we can now evaluate the formula of AdSense.

The content of AdSense:

Keywords are too broad and therefore are not a good idea. The reason is that the CTR and payouts of broad keywords are low. Therefore, key phrases must be targeted by you. With this, only high paying AdSense ads will be displayed on your site. For the purpose of search engines, the best practice is to make use of content that is unique.


The heart of high CTR of AdSense is optimal placement of the AdSense ad. For receiving most clicks, four locations on the webpage are best:

  • Just above the end of page section that can be viewed without scrolling the page.
  • All together with the left column
  • If very informative and interesting then in your content
  • At the content’s end after finished by the reader

CTR is greatly affected by the format of AdSense ad. Most clicks are received by squares.

Traffic that is highly targeted:

Between highly targeted traffic and targeted traffic lies a huge difference. For instance, for article on tips to AdSense like this one, the targeted traffic would be the one who is looking for online business. On the other hand, the highly targeted traffic in the same situation would be the one who is seeking for AdSense business. Now the question arises as why the traffic of high quality is required? This is required since when your site is looked for by all of your traffic then this will result in an unbelievable and amazing CTR. The links or traffic exchanges from other sites must never be used unless the content they are having is similar to your content. Make money with AdSense with the help of this AdSense formula.

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