40 Ways to Earn money online as Affiliate

Some Perfect Ideas for Earning Online with Little Effort
After spending hours in the office drowning in work and then taking additional work from home, you cannot help but wish that there was some way you could earn money without having to work all the time. If someone came up to you and told you that this was possible, you would probably laugh them off. After all, no one is going to pay you a handsome income for doing a little work. However, the concept has actually come to life in the form of residual income. Also known as passive income, you can earn it by putting in a huge amount of effort. Now, you are wondering how this is different from a regular job.
Well, residual income only requires you to go crazy and make this effort only initially. Once you have done enough, you are completely free to sit back, relax and enjoy the rewards of your work in the form of monetary returns. How is that possible? There are lots of ideas for earning online that need only a small effort from you. Are you ready to earn some residual income? Use any of the ideas listed below:
Sell an E-book
This is the top choice of content creators, bloggers and anyone who has some writing skill because writing an e-book is quite easy. With the help of guest posting and online networking, you can sell your e-book for a substantial price tag and you will be able to make a lot of money through the sales. If you pick the right topic for the e-book, you will be set for a long while.
Set up a Blog; Get AdSense or Enjoy Affiliate Marketing
Making money through blogging is a hot topic these days. You can create one or more blogs, write awesome content and apply for Google AdSense. If your niche is right and you are getting the required traffic your blogs, your AdSense account will be approved by Google and you will start generating some AdSense income. Here are some great tips on how to generate AdSense Income.
Making money through affiliate fees is even easier. In fact, it is one of the top ways of earning a residual income. You just need to pump out content for your own blog and build up traffic. You can post the link of another website or product in your content and an affiliate sale will earn you solid commission within days.
Sell an Online Course
Is there something you are really skilled at? Maybe you possess some advice or knowledge that’s useful and can be passed on to others? Well, you can charge people for giving them access to your skills and knowledge. You can easily make videos and post them on a website, which is only accessible to those who pay for it. You can rack up sales for years as long as you offer something off value. What better way to earn some residual income?

Develop an app
One of the most popular means of earning residual income these days is by creating a unique and useful app. The widespread use of smartphones have created a huge demand for apps that perform various functions to make our lives easier. You can develop an app that can do an important task and make it simple for people. Sale of the app is going to earn you plenty of money.

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